About Jan Day

Relationship expert and coach, Jan Day brings extraordinary warmth and compassion to her work in groups, with individuals and with couples. To her workshops on intimacy, sexuality and healing the inner you. To her one-day singles workshop where she enables participants to gently explore what they would like in their love relationships and how they can learn to have the confidence to step forward and create the relationships they desire.

She creates a learning environment where people can get a vital education in communicating effectively, creating authentic intimate long lasting relationships, understanding their sexual nature and how to find a warm hearted and healthy expression of their sensual nature.

Central themes of Jan’s work are self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Having trained for 15 years with Art of Being founder, Alan Lowen in Europe and Hawaii, as well as being a CTA certified coach, Jan has spent the last 20 years helping men and women learn to trust their own unique journeys, to embrace and move beyond the limitations of their own wounds and to move towards their potential.

Her life and work have been influenced by a wide spectrum of eastern and western teachers including Osho, Jack Kornfield, David Deida, Ron Kurtz, Ken Wilber & Core Integral, Genpo Roshi, Ammachi, Anne Geraghty and many more.

Her work has evolved a distinct style known as "Jan Day Workshops", "School of Being", "Living Tantra" and "Meetings without Masks". She has trained many teachers who are now teaching influenced and inspired by her work. The School of Being is the umbrella for all these teachers. School of Being teachers have all trained for a minimum of 18 months with Jan.

Jan brings great joy to this endeavour of what it is to be human - all our vulnerabilities as well as our fun-loving traits – and encourages us to be everything, yes, everything that we are as human beings. She knows exactly how important it is, to be seen for everything that we are.

At the core of her work is her past experience. “I have been divorced and married,” she says. “I have known the darkness of depression, the despair of great loss and the joy of finding my way home again. Above all, I believe in the basic goodness of life and people. Sexual healing, self-acceptance, forgiveness and the all-embracing life acceptance of tantra have been and continue to be powerful tools in creating this education for life.

Jan is happily married and lives with her husband, Frieder, in Kent. She draws again and again upon this rich relationship to nurture, teach and inform others. Both singles and couples. Jan is also unusual as a coach and workshop leader in that her work includes sexuality. Her gift is to enable participants to celebrate themselves as gorgeous sexual human beings.

Types of work

*Personal telephone coaching for singles and couples (Currently available only to participants of the 18-month training programme).
*Workshops on relationship, intimacy, sexuality, self-love and communication.
*Meetings Without Masks, a one day, gender-balanced workshop for singles where participants can explore what they would like in their love relationships and learn and practice opening in a safe and held environment.
*The Living Tantra series and training which prepares participants to live more fully in love and trust of their own being, and often inspires their journey into teaching.

Telephone  0208-1239831 or 01227-636 821
Email  jan@janday.com
www.janday.com and www.meetingswithoutmasks.com

The School of Being

What is the School of Being?
The School of Being is a network of teachers who have completed the 18-month Living Tantra Training with Jan Day, and who have subsequently assisted and deepened their ability to be with people in a caring, compassionate way to encourage each person to live their fullest potential in all areas of their life. Some of them offer workshops based on the work that Jan teaches. Others are adapting and applying the learning from their training with Jan to a body of work that they were already teaching.

Louise de Caux
The simple truth is that we all need more love, more connection with both ourselves and with each other and ‘keeping it simple’ is one of Louise’ s greatest mantras in life. ‘I worked for many years in the Corporate world which massively over complicates things, and I managed to burn out twice along the way. I lost touch with anything but work and it cost me my connections with my family, a loving relationship and my health. I longed for something different and found it through my work in coaching, heart meditation, dance and tantra. I discovered who I was as a woman and that I rather liked myself. This discovery has enabled me to reach out and forge easier and more enjoyable intimate relationships and build a supportive community around me. I am very excited about bringing Meetings Without Masks to Cambridge. All you will need is your willingness and curiosity to open the door to your Heart.’

Louise lives in Ely, nr Cambridge. She trained with Jan Day and is a Graduate of the School of Being, a workshop facilitator, coach and counsellor. She helps people to find and embrace their aliveness and runs a monthly dance class in Cambridge.

Quotes about Louise’s work:
Louise created a wonderfully supportive and inviting space that made it easy to drop into my body and feelings – something I often have difficulty with. The openness and softness I was left with at the end of the session lingered for days afterwards. I could easily become addicted to this work! – Andy, Lecturer
Email: ldecaux@btinternet.com
Phone: 07999-842 905

Charlotte McLaughlin
Charlotte is a UKCP reg psychotherapist, creative arts therapist and coach working with individuals and couples in her London clinics and further afield. She facilitates groups, workshops and retreats in the UK and internationally centered around the themes of intimacy and creativity. She is a School of Being teacher, having trained and worked with Jan Day, who she now regularly assists and continues to be inspired by and learn from. Charlotte brings a body-mind-soul approach to her work with individuals and groups; her passion is supporting people to heal, grow and thrive in their lives.
Email: charlotte.mclaughlin@gmail.com
Phone: 07958-358 401

Ed Rooke PhD (Online via Skype, Glastonbury and Bristol)
Ed is part of Jan Day's School of Being faculty and leads several Living Tantra workshops. He also offers a unique style of coaching, helping people to transform their unconscious blocks around relationship and intimacy (Ed works in Bristol, Glastonbury and over Skype). His other therapeutic work includes a range of workshops for men, based on the Jungian Archetypes.

His own healing journey was catalysed 15 years ago when a transformation of his own emotional blocks allowed him to recover from a chronic illness. Not only did his health return, but he found life more connected and richer than it had been before his illness. Experiencing this shift has led Ed to help others heal their emotional wounds. He is passionate about helping people to welcome home lost parts of themselves, so that they can move into relationship with the confidence and ease of being completely themselves.

After completing a doctorate in Psychology, Ed trained in Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and Shadow Work. His work is rooted in a deep experience of meditative practices which complement and enhance his formal training. Woven together with a non-judgmental sensitivity and presence, his approach is both gentle and powerfully transformative.

Quotes about Ed’s work:
“The results from my sessions with Ed rippled out to make noticeable changes in my life. I feel like a weight has been lifted and another part of me has been brought to light.” V. N. Bristol
"...It was like my heart kept breaking open into deeper and deeper layers of myself. Thank you soon much Ed for this wonderful experience and deep healing. I can highly recommend Ed’s work to anyone as it is so gentle yet so powerful.” W.A. London

Email: ed@edrooke.com
Phone: 07753-172 419

Hanna Angell
Contact: hanna@awakenyourpassions.com
Phone: 07913-057 831

Heiko Geritzmann
After many years in business management, Heiko started his journey of self-awareness.
Inspired by teachings of Osho, Swami Sivananda, Ramana Maharshi and Thich Nhat Hanh he explored intensively various meditation techniques.
Since 2008 Heiko accompanies and supports people in their inner growth processes.
In his work he carefully combines classical methods of the East with current Western concepts like client-centered therapy by C. Rogers or Somatic Experiencing by P. Levine (trauma healing).
Heiko is a certified Personal Coach (Dr. Migge/diploma sgd) and a certified Yoga teacher (Registered Yoga-Alliance RYT® 500).
He facilitates workshops and groups in Europe with his partner centered around consciousness, Intimacy and relationship.
Participants and clients love Heiko's calmness and gentle humour which provides a safe space and helps them to build trust and to get involved in their work.

Heiko currently lives in the UK and offers both individual seesions and workshops.
You can reach Heiko by email at info@heikogeritzmann.com and by phone on 07864078140 or see details of his workshops and events at: www.heikogeritzmann.com.

Nicola Foster
Nicola is a qualified sex and relationship therapist and a School of Being graduate/teacher. She helps individuals and couples to resolve difficulties to do with love and sex and to build healthy, loving relationships.
Email: nicola.foster@gmail.com
Phone: 07813 125 587

Sacha Alexander
I offer workshops in Family constellations for heart body and soul. And one to one constellations in person or by Skype. With this work originating from Bert Hellinger and Zulu ritual ceremony, my own key teachers and trainings have been with the London school of meditation, the school of Being with Jan Day, and being trained at the Centre for Systemic Constellations.

The invitation is to bring to look at, or work on, an issue, to do with ancestors, or any place at all in your life where you feel you need some movement, or clearer seeing, or opening space for yourself, of experiencing yourself more deeply. A place where you can attend to your heart, body and soul. Opening spaces for things to move and shift in times to come.
Email: sacha.alxndr@icloud.com
Phone: 07881563475

Christine Lilamayi O'Leary
Christine offers one-to-one coaching to individuals and runs workshops and training events about communication skills, personal development and meditation. Christine is a School of Being Teacher and has studied intensively with Jan Day since 2012 and assists on the Living Tantra Trainings. Christine started her training in Tantra in 2005, and has also studied with Jewels Wingfield and Ma Ananda Sarita before working with Jan Day.

Christine is a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of NLP and trained with John Seymour and Judith DeLozier one of the early founders of NLP. Christine has an extensive background in training and coaching for organisations and individuals in the Third /Voluntary sector. Christine still provides training for staff working with suicidal clients and courses around maintaining healthy boundaries with clients.

Previous coaching clients and participants on Christine Lilamayi’s courses have said;

Christine really helped made me feel at ease, mental tension dissolved, our session gave me a tool to feel more comfortable with what was troubling me.” Graham
“I was unsure about the effectiveness of NLP, with that in mind I decided to give it a go. I quickly found that my process went very deep and to the heart of my childhood issues. Christine held the space in such a calm manner; I was able to face strong feelings. I found Christine to be an insightful, intuitive practitioner. Her sense of humour and deeply loving personality allowed me to experience a profound level of healing and I would recommend her to anyone”. Amala Bhodi
“ What was brilliant was that you were able to suggest a way that we could work with the problem without me having to tell you what it was or who it concerned as it was too sensitive I didn’t want to share any details. And yet I still had a complete shift and resolution to the issue.
I recall you had a steady matter of fact and good humoured approach, so I felt at ease. I was surprised at how easily such change could happen. I was impressed ” S Bristol
"I thoroughly enjoyed the awaken your inner goddess workshop. It was held in a safe and supportive venue, with other women. All the women supported each other through each task, while each woman went on a personal journey through discovery what it means to be feminine, through sexuality, femininity and nurturing" - Carlie, Voluntary Sector Worker.
"Lilamayi created a wonderfully safe, nurturing & fun space for us to express ourselves and explore. I am very grateful for this beautiful day! Thank you!" - Verity, Raw Food Mentor and PA.

Christine-Lilamayi brings warmth, humour and clarity to her work and is committed to helping others become more of who they really are.

Christine works in Bristol and South Wales and also via Skype or telephone.
+44 (0) 7737794378

Robyn Wilford
Contact: robynawilford@gmail.com

Harriet Hanmer
Contact: harriet@harriethanmer.com
Phone: 07779-017 991

Andrew Singer

Helen Dziemidko

Seth Newman

Guy Graham

Anna Nathan

Natasha Hood

Sarah Graham

Laurence Clapdorp

Dermot Fitzpatrick

Jenni Horsfall

Joao Cosme





The Art of Being®

Jan Day trained with Alan Lowen, founder of the Art of Being, for many years and then taught alongside him from 2000-2008. His work has informed her work and although her teaching has naturally developed its own unique style, it is still influenced by those years of exploration and deep learning.

What is The Art of Being® ?
"The Art of Being® is a remarkably human path of personal and spiritual growth. Touching, passionate, humorous, and celebrative, it is potent in its power to transform and awaken! It calls you into the present and teaches you how to keep being here when old habits would shut you down or impair your wholeness and your intimate connection with life happening here and now.
Art of Being® workshops and courses cut through the intellectual and verbal layers of knowledge and information to the sensing-feeling depths where you can learn to truly befriend and appreciate the totality of your being. They enable you to heal the wounds that keep you limited, open to all your inner resources, celebrate your nature as a sensual man or woman, find fulfillment in your friendships and intimate relationships, and live in an ever-deepening communion with the spiritual dimension of existence. They nurture consciousness, compassion, grace and beauty in the way you live your life.
The workshop themes are those which touch and move us the most deeply: sex, love and intimate relating; our death and birth; and the art of being fully ourselves in our daily living. Whatever the theme, the essence is the same; to be here now is to be in love!" Alan Lowen, founder of The Art of Being

About Alan Lowen (founder of The Art of Being®)
Alan Lowen has been teaching for 34 years and has established an international reputation as a guide for people seeking to accept, integrate and celebrate all the aspects of their personal life and being. He studied psychology at London and Oxford universities, trained in many areas of personal growth and spent 8 years as a disciple of Osho Rajneesh. In 1986 he returned to the public arena and founded The Art of Being® as a path to happy, healthy and enlightened living. His workshops and courses focus on the energies of the body, feelings, emotions, sex, self-expression and the soul. The purpose is self-realization, heart awareness, life fulfillment and spiritual awakening. He chooses to engage with the essential personal themes of our lives - with our nature, our stories and relationships, with sex and love, with the influences on us of our birth and childhood, with the universal experience of death and dying. Above all he invites us to honor and celebrate our own unique art of being.

Other teachers of The Art of Being®

There is a growing circle of teachers of The Art of Being® around the world who are licensed to teach under the name The Art of Being®. Details of those who are currently offering Art of Being® workshops or individual sessions are listed below:

Saleem Matthias Riek, Germany (Founder of The School of Being, Germany - Schule des Seins)

Saleem Matthias Riek, has trained in Body-Psychotherapy and Tantra with several teachers since 1982 and trained and assisted for many years with Alan Lowen and Paul Carter and Niyaso Carter in The Art of Being® Groups and Trainings.
Saleem has been leading German-language Art of Being® workshops since 1994, offering introductory weekends, holiday- and intensive-groups, Tantra-trainings and the group leader training “Being with People".
Saleem is the author of the two books "Herzenslust - Lieben lernen und die tantrische Kunst des Seins" (Kamphausen 1999) and "Leben, Lieben und Nicht Wissen" (BoD 2006).
Info & Contact
Saleem Matthias Riek
Vaubanallee 43 * D 79100 Freiburg
Tel: (0049) 0761-45369-0 Fax: 45369-11
E-Mail: info@art-of-being.de
Ausführliche Homepage: www.art-of-being.de

Devaka Hoffman, Germany

Devaka Regine Hoffmann, licensed Art-of-Being (r)-Teacher,
is an experienced healing practitioner using psychotherapy, bodywork and Tantra.
She lives in Freiburg, Germany and offers her special developed Training and workshops for women to explore and expand female sexuality.
fon: 0049-(0)761-13 79 79 66, www.sinnliche-wege.de

Stefan Eigenmann, Switzerland

Stefan was born in 1960, remarried and is father of a daughter. He (co-) leads Art of Being® workshops in Germany and Switzerland in cooperation with Saleem Matthias Riek and Devaka Regina Hoffmann. In his therapeutically “Werkstatt for Contact & Dialog” in Bulach/Zurich, Switzerland, Stefan mainly works with couples. He is the author of the book “Liebst du mich?” (BoD 2006).
Info & Contact
Stefan Eigenmann, Werkstatt for Contact & Dialog
Bahnhofstrasse 34, CH-Bulach
Tel: 0041 – (0)43 928 23 00
E-Mail: werkstatt@kontaktdialog.ch
Homepage: www.kontaktdialog.ch

Annette Goldbach, Germany

Annette Goldbach , 1967 geboren, Mutter zweier Söhne- bietet Seminare für Frauen an:
Frauenzeit: "Auszeit für Mütter- ganz Frau sein"
Info + Contact:
Annette Goldbach, Silvanerstr. 1, D- Worms
Tel: 0049- (0)6247 991 551