Tantric Sex, Sacred Loving

Make your love life all it can be. Discover a sex life
that nurtures your heart and your soul.
Niyaso Carter offers a variety of educational programs on
Tantra, Sacred Loving and Tantric sex, on Maui, in
California and worldwide, as well as through video &
audio programs.

The Hoffman Process
The Hoffman Process is an 8 day intensive residential course in which you're skilfully and compassionately shown how to let go of the past, release pent-up stress, self-limiting behaviours and resentments, and start creating the future you desire. Since 1967, more than 50,000 people world wide have used the Hoffman techniques to achieve personal strength, clarity, and inner peace. They have also felt the benefits of developing loving relationships with family members and being able to communicate more effectively at home and at work.
You're skilfully led through a carefully structured series of powerful experiences which enable you to discover and resolve negative conditioning, allowing you to recover your natural self confidence and self esteem.
" The Hoffman Process is the most systematic method I know for properly exploring the role of childhood as well as offering a motorway back from the past" Oliver James, Clinical Psychologist, author of 'They F*** you up' and presenter of Britain on the Couch

Malcolm Stern
Malcolm Stern is a psychotherapist, specialising in group dynamics, relationships and individuals seeking change and transformation. He also works as a coach and business facilitator, organiser for creative events and is a media relationships expert.

Rebecca Lowrie

Rebecca Lowrie

Private sessions and workshops for individuals and couples exploring sacred, consious sexuality, intimacy and sensuality


Kavida Rei

Sensual Soirees

"Sexual healer, tantric counsellor, author of two books on Tantric Sex and Erotic Massage published by Dorling Kindersley"


Tantra Yoga and Kriya Yoga with Hanna & Martin

Choose Bliss Now

Priya & Bob Tourkow
Tantra and workshops for couples
private couples counselling

Mike Lousada
Sacred sexual healing for women

John Hawken
Holistic workshops and events worldwide


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