Workshop Overview

A Celebration of Living Tantra -

Being in Love - An invitation to explore what it means to be in love - with yourself, with your life, with the people around you.

Conscious Relationship, Sensual Awakening - Nine days in the Canary Islands to nurture your being

Conscious Relationships - Creating relationships where we live love

Embracing the Beloved - A journey into deeper love for self and others through the doorways of touch and forgiveness

In Life - These evening workshops invite you into experiences that relate directly to your everyday life. They are designed to encourage and guide you into the rich experience of being fully in touch, with yourself, with others and with your life.

Intro. to Living Tantra - A gentle and playful introduction into the realm of Living Tantra

Inviting Intimacy - Experience deeper levels of intimacy, connection and trust in relating with others

Living Tantra 1 - Living Tantra is a learning space where you can grow into celebrating your natural, healthy sexuality with ease, playfulness, tenderness, consciousness, integrity and joy.

Living Tantra 2 - An exploration that unites heart, pleasure and ecstasy

Living Tantra 3 - This workshop explores the dance that happens between two people, embracing stillness and feeling deeply into each other. You learn how to keep being there, being present. The workshop is suitable for singles or couples and all personal boundaries are honoured.

Living Tantra 4 - A celebration of the sacred

Living Tantra Training - An 18-month life transforming journey into the fullness of being

Meetings Without Masks - Naked Dating, for singles only - get to take that mask off and share the real you. And no, you don't take your clothes off.

Meetings without Masks 2 - Deep, heart-centred meetings for singles

Passion, Power & Love - Self-renewal, celebration and an invitation to live each day in a love-relationship with yourself and with existence.

Summer Love Festival -

Tantra Festival - A taste of celebrating life, each other and tantra

The Gift: Being Man, Being Woman - Love your being, life and relationships - free of self-limiting patterns

The Mirror of the Heart - A weekend workshop for couples to re-awaken sexual passion and intimacy

Total Woman - A workshop for woman to explore and celebrate all it means to be woman, totally.