Being in Love

Doorways to the Heart: Transforming everyday life - now

This workshop is an invitation to explore what it means to be in love - with yourself, with your life, with the people around you.

Living with a deep yes to "me and all that I am, and you and all that you are"

Every day we are opening and closing our heart. Something happens, somebody speaks to us and we close down. Or the other way around. Something happens, somebody speaks to us and suddenly our heart is open. Are we only victims of life or circumstances or is there something for us to learn? In any case, we all have our habitual ways of shutting down, triggers that 'get' to us. And we know too how wonderful it feels when we open to the world, giving of ourselves generously and letting the world into our being, letting it touch us in both joy and sorrow.

I know the pain of shutting down, contracting in fear or shame, or sometimes rigid with anger or blame. I remember the hardness of my closed heart, stuck in shame or fear, in blame or judgement, struggling to get out or busy, trying to ignore it, distracted. I know the sense of imprisonment and helplessness that this gave me.

I know, too, the tender, raw softness of my open heart, the generosity, abundance, gratitude, pouring myself out into the world. I know in opening again, the radiant trembling, flowing, glowing, giving, melting.
"Doorways to the Heart" a journey to let go of the past and welcome each moment as an opportunity to consciously open our hearts to welcome whatever arises within us. It is a journey into friendship with ourselves, a letting go of the struggle and a doorway into joyful, heart-centred living.

This weekend is an opportunity and an invitation:
- to release the contraction in our own heart
- to bring more consciousness to the ways we shut down
- to experience giving and receiving love
- to explore simple practices that we can use in our daily life as doorways to the heart

Doorways to the Heart is not about how to be nice. It is about learning, through experiencing, to give and receive authentic gifts of the heart, and to grow in compassion, empathy, friendliness, courage and trust.

As we learn to trust in the resilience and strength of our own heart, we can open to the depth of our feelings, even the most painful, without getting lost or drowned in them, and we can enjoy an ever deepening connection with ourselves, the world around us and with spirit.

The weekend will include guided processes in small groups, meditations, dance, sharing circles and touch.