Total Woman

Total Woman is a journey in which we come to love ourselves in the bodies we have, in the lives we live, in the women we are. We’ll welcome the power of Kali as well as the soft and tender love of the Great Mother. Dark and light! We’ll share with each other our desires, our passionate lust as well as our vulnerability, our sweet loveliness, our beauty and divine grace. It is a journey in which we can learn to celebrate and enjoy our bodies, our sexuality and to delight in our sensitivity. We’ll give ourselves time to share our stories and BE together in an inspiring and supportive atmosphere.

Throughout the weekend we will focus on:
  • developing love and acceptance for ourselves and all that we feel
  • developing practices to relax more deeply into our feminine nature and find balance in our daily life
  • becoming aware of the ways we can nourish ourselves and connect with our core nature
  • connecting with and celebrating all the colours of ourselves as women
  • enjoying and celebrating our natural sensuality and sexuality

  • This workshop includes guided processes, meditation, dance and open sharing circles. It will provide a safe and yet powerful environment in which you can learn to trust your own natural energies and find a freedom and passion to take with you in your daily life.