In Life

Transforming everyday life - now

  • Do you want to transform your everyday life now?
  • Are you struggling to integrate what you have learned in workshops?
  • Are you ready to commit to new daily practices
  • Do you want more intimacy and connection?
  • Do you want to love yourself more?

This series of evening workshops is designed to transform your everyday life: at home, at work, in your intimate relationships, with your friends, family and colleagues. .

Each session will invite you into experiences that relate directly to your everyday life: how you relate, how you communicate, how you live yourself as man or woman, what or who you judge, what you forgive, what you hold onto, what you give and what you withhold.

The exercises, guided meditations and circle work are powerful and heart-centred. They are designed to invite you into a deeper awareness of yourself and how you create and respond to situations in your life, and to give you more possibilities and choices in your ways of living yourself. The invitation is to become more and more friendly and accepting of all that you are, including those parts of yourself that you normally judge or are not prepared to live. It is an opportunity to let yourself be human, fallible, passionate, empowered and vulnerable in a supportive and encouraging setting.

Throughout the evenings we will focus on:
  • developing our sensitivity to ourselves and what we are experiencing
  • allowing ourselves to be and to be seen
  • developing a deeper love and acceptance for ourselves
  • allowing ourselves to touch and be touched
  • becoming aware of the ways we shut down
  • communicating with both compassion and authenticity
  • developing practices to bring what we learn into our everyday lives

  • This workshops includs touch, guided processes, meditation, dance and open sharing circles. It will provide a safe and yet powerful environment in which you can learn to trust your own natural energies and find a freedom and passion to take back into your daily life.

    This workshop is equally valuable for newcomers and for those who have already participated in workshops with The Art of BeingŪ.