Inviting Intimacy

A 2 or 3-day workshop that invites you to explore and deepen your relationship with yourself and others, especially as man to woman or as woman to man.

Intimacy, while sometimes hard to find or maintain, is what we yearn for. Intimacy is also the doorway to meaningful connections and loving relationships.

Whether you're longing for a deeper connection with your love partner, with friends and family or with God, the first step is to deepen the connection with yourself. In growing your awareness of body, emotions, mind and soul, you become more 'at home'.

Inviting Intimacy is a journey towards yourself. While challenging, it will be fun and thought provoking. The course invites you to show up more and more. It invites you to make friends with parts of yourself you have confined to the dark corners of your psyche. It invites you to find the courage to be true to yourself and to feel into another person. - at the same time. It will encourage you not to shut down, but learn to open in consciousness.

You are invited to awaken to your full potential, to shed the limited beliefs you hold. Inviting Intimacy is a journey of growing compassion and care, for yourself and others. This means opening to all your feelings. If your heart is breaking, let it break open. Trust that you are greater than your wounds; you are growing and the past doesn't need to limit or confine you.

This process is an opportunity to:
  • learn to love and trust yourself more
  • be fully human, including being vulnerable, allowed to not know and allowed to make mistakes
  • learn to enjoy life more fully so that you can live with more passion
  • dance and have fun with a group of open-hearted people

The workshop provides a safe and nourishing space where you'll be invited into guided meditations and processes. There will be dance, some physical touch, some times of silence and reflection, some times of sharing. Always, you will be encouraged to be in tune with yourself; you will be supported to open rather than shut down.

The guided exercises, meditations and processes are designed to connect you more deeply with your feelings and your heart, to trust your own natural energies, to discover your real boundaries and desires and to be able to express those clearly, to encourage you to be authentic, to invite you to touch and be touched on all levels (body, heart and soul).

Next workshop is at Tekels Park, Surrey. 23 - 25 March 2012