Meetings Without Masks

Have you ever felt the tension in your body as you go on a date? Or noticed how loaded you are with anxiety or expectations? Ever looked back on a number of dates and realised that you never really got to meet your date from the heart? Would you like to find a way to meet other single men and women in a situation where you feel relaxed and open so that you could connect on a deeper level?

Meetings without Masks has been designed especially for you.

It is a one-day event with equal numbers of men and women, structured to help you relax with each other. You will have the opportunity to be yourself without any pressure or falseness involved. The real you.
You'll get the chance to meet a lot of different people in guided experiences, then the opportunity to chat informally over gorgeous food. There'll be dancing, there'll be laughing and tenderness, there'll be aliveness and a lot of fun.

Whether you meet your soul-mate or not, you will learn vital tools that will help you to create the meaningful relationships you really want in your life.