Embracing the Beloved

Embracing the Beloved is an invitation to move through whatever keeps us from enjoying open-hearted connection with others. The way lies in finding deeply loving acceptance of ourselves, including those parts of ourselves that we normally judge or are not prepared to live.

In finding the courage to be with whatever feelings arise as we allow ourselves to be touched both emotionally and physically, we can open to these hidden parts of ourselves. Instead of being at war with parts of ourselves, we find we can be in friendship with our whole being. We have found the Beloved within. At ease with our nature, we are playful and alive within ourselves and all of existence. We find ourselves living in love with ALL existence. Suddenly the Beloved is all around us.

Embracing the Beloved is about falling in love, with yourself and your life It is about being willing to let yourself be human, fallible, passionate and vulnerable. It makes loving relationship possible. It is the ultimate Tantric love affair.

Throughout the weekend we will focus on :
  • developing our sensitivity to ourselves and what we are experiencing
  • allowing ourselves to be, and to be seen
  • developing love and acceptance for ourselves
  • allowing ourselves to touch and be touched
  • becoming aware of the ways we shut down
This workshop includes touch, guided processes, meditation, dance and open sharing circles. It will provide a safe and yet powerful environment in which you can learn to trust your own natural energies and find a freedom and passion to take back into your daily life.

This workshop is equally valuable for singles or couples.